Shit honest. - Recruiting campaign with Eurostrand.
  • It´s a Match!
  • Category : Out of Home/Kampagne
  • Client : Erlebnisland Eurostrand
  • Year : 2020

Shit honest.



Tough working conditions, a low social status and also a low popularity within the profession: these are the hard facts that every employer faces when advertising jobs in the service and housekeeping sectors. And every potential applicant, regardless of whether or not he or she has already worked in one of these areas, is also aware of these things. The decisive factor for successful personnel recruitment is therefore the way the employer deals with the clichés and negative aspects of both occupational groups. As is well known, honesty is the best policy. That is why we have decided not to embellish anything artificially. On the contrary – we consciously and directly address the critical points, accept applicants at eye level and neutralize all negativity with the familiar, courageous and open culture of Eurostrands. Feeling comfortable at work and at home, as Eurostrand regularly points out, is no longer a privilege for employees of newly modern companies.



The communication strategy is to convert the current situation described above one-to-one into a short, provocative and memorable print campaign.
In concrete terms, this means that we merge the obvious and clichéd characteristics of both professions into one main slogan, thus addressing applicants from all sectors equally. Through the honesty described above, Eurostrand builds a direct bridge to the potential applicant, which he or she can easily cross and thus directly feel the spirit of the company. An additional instrument for spreading the message is word of mouth. Extraordinary approaches in advertising are often discussed or simply passed on. The more rural locations of the two resorts play a major role here, as advertising of this kind is rather an exception there. Shit honestly – this is not only very descriptive, but also the title of the campaign. “Dust off the fat and clean up properly-” is the headline used to advertise the two positions. It will merely adorn the front of the application form in the form of a postcard. While the back continues the front with a small text describing the positions and communicating the values of Eurostrand, the back leads the reader directly to the actual application. All that is needed is to mark the desired position on the postcard, add the name and an e-mail address or telephone number. As soon as the card is stamped and sent off, the sender is included in the Eurostrands application process. The postcard is accompanied by posters placed in the surrounding villages and towns. The simplicity of the application process itself underlines the culture of Eurostrands, removes unnecessary hurdles for the applicant and, above all, directly benefits from the momentum generated by the concise message.