Potvis x FDP - wie eine Wahlkampfkampgne zum Erfolg wurde.
  • It´s a Match!
  • hi@potvis.de
  • Category : Campaigning Social Media Digital Film
  • Client : Free Democrats
  • Year : 2019




For a long time there was only less, which for young people was more boring than politics. But Generation Z in particular shows that this is changing. The FDP did not want to miss this chance in any case. So the challenge was quite clear: the FDP must appear younger and pick up the zeitgeist of Gen Z.



Morbach into the future” (“Jeweiliger Ort” into the future) was the slogan of the campaign, which was derived from the film series “Back to the future”. The entire communication was thus based on the films. The advantage of this was that not only young people but also older people can identify with the films. Thus the campaign reached not only young voters but also parents who wanted to make their decision in the interest of their children. The core of the campaign was formed by three advertising clips, which were accompanied by various illustrations. All content was placed on Instagram and Facebook.



In the end, the results of the campaign exceeded all expectations. Reaches of more than 150,000 reached people, which were achieved without any media budget and the gain of about 50% more votes for the FDP spoke for itself. So the campaign could not only open new future chances for a party, but also for whole regions.