Potvis x Weltnichtrauchertag 2019 - Lucky Strike & Death.
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  • Category : Digital Social Work
  • Client : Spec-Work
  • Year : 2019

Lucky Strike & Death.



Around 1.7 billion people worldwide smoke regularly. In Germany alone there are 12 million smokers. The World No Tobacco Day takes place annually and is intended to encourage people to stop harming themselves. On this occasion we also wanted to make our contribution.



Firearms are rightly banned or difficult to obtain in most European countries. But how many people die because of them? The answer is that on average 1000 people die each year from firearms within the EU. Of course, this is still far too high a figure, but when we compared it with the death toll from cigarettes, we were both amazed and shocked. Because here we have 700 times as many. 700 000 people die each year in the EU as a result of tobacco consumption. So should smoking not perhaps be viewed with similar criticism and access to cigarettes made more difficult, especially for minors? We have transferred this question to a graph.



The result was a pistol with a cigarette cap. Underneath is the name of one of the biggest tobacco companies ever: Lucky Strike. A name that can be understood differently in this case.