Potvis x Rewe x Deutsches Rotes Kreuz - Ein Markt steht still.
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  • Category : PR Out of Home
  • Client : Rewe
  • Year : 2019

A Market stands still.



A Rewe store is popular for many things, but above all for its friendly employees. But this feeling should not only prevail in the market Rewe wanted to give its customers something in return that they can integrate into their private lives and from which they can really benefit.



We have taken the word “cordiality” literally and combined it with facts. Because it is exactly five minutes that decide whether you have a good chance of survival in the event of a cardiac arrest. If no help comes within the first five minutes it is unfortunately often too late. The problem with this fact is that most people do not know what to do in an emergency. So the idea was to bring first aid closer to the customers and also to offer them the chance to benefit twice over. But how do you bring this together with customer loyalty and customer benefit? With an action. So the idea was born: The shop is shut down for five minutes at 12:00 noon on Saturdays. All employees disappear without warning, the lights go out and all that remains for the customers is a five-minute countdown on the televisions at the checkout, accompanied by the beeping of an ECG. After the five minutes, the action was cancelled by announcement and immediately announced the further course of action. Because now there were water bottles for one month, which carried a voucher code of 10€ for a first aid course on their label. The bottles and the voucher came about through a cooperation with the beverage manufacturer Schwollener and the German Red Cross. Those who could prove their participation within the campaign period automatically took part in a raffle in which they could win a trip to Paris as well as material prizes such as headphones or an iPhone. The campaign was also accompanied by Instagram content about the Rewe team and the campaign.



The campaign was very popular – and not only with customers. The press also reported on the campaign several times. The result was not only very good coverage on Instagram, but also that all prizes were raffled and customers were shown once again that a Rewe store is probably the most cordial market in Germany.