The agency Potvis - Who we are and for whom we work.
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What looks like cruelty in youth is mostly honesty.

We are


We’re an creative agency focussed on the Generation Z. Potvis is the dutch word for Sperm Whale. That’s because the Sperm Whale is hungry, precise and an absolute Teamplayer.

These are the attributes Potvis identifies itself with. Our team consists of 8 young talents that all belong to the Gen Z themselves. Everyone has their passion in a different area, from programming to filmmaking.





We against

the stream.

We’re young and think out of the box.


Every idea

is special.

We always want to make the most out of every idea.


Our advertising stays

in people’s minds.

We don’t want to place our ads in broadcast slots, we want to place it in people’s minds.


We love every brand,

we’re working for.

We only work for brands that we also stand behind.


That’s not


Mediocrity is a waste of time.


The world’s most

creative agency.

We want to belong to the biggest independent agencies in the industry.

A selection of our clients. More projects under NDA.